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    Las Olas Boulevard is not a mall. Malls have chain stores, they lack individuality. Malls have stores you can see elsewhere. The boulevard does not. The stores and galleries on the boulevard are largely unique. Very few have other locations. During the last few years, I've been trying to think what you can't buy on the boulevard. Apples, art, antiques, apparel, apartments, artichokes, armchairs, artifacts, appetizers, appletinis, African art ... right through to z .... it's all here.

    The boulevard is a shopper's paradise. Whether you want to buy a book, a bottle of wine or a bracelet , the boulevard provides. Many of our stores date back to the 1940s - before America entered the war. And yet we have new stores opening all the time. As older store owners retire, they leave room on the boulevard for new businesses - changes happen all the time. The boulevard has been described as a 'swanky' shopping area and sure, if you want the very best top quality goods, you'll find them here. But you'll also find quaint consignment stores, like small treasure troves. Small bakeries and food stores cater to the needs of the locals. We have a village pharmacy. The boulevard is definitely a sweet place as we have several stores selling delicious treats.
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    Las Olas is often described as the jewel in Fort Lauderdale's crown, and rightly so. It's hard to imagine any other area that has so much to offer its visitors and local residents.

    Fabulous restaurants, fashion stores, galleries, spas ans salons - just about everything you need is right here on Las Olas.

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