No need for groundhogs in Fort Lauderdale


No groundhogs required

When the rest of the United States are shivering, the weather is beautiful in Fort Lauderdale. At the beginning of February every year, the population puts their faith in a groundhog-or rather, several groundhogs –  to determine whether winter is over.  On Fort Lauderdale beach, as you can see from today’s image – the sun shines and the temperatures can only be described as perfect.

We don’t worry about the winter much here -in fact, this time of year in Fort Lauderdale is seen by many as simply gorgeous.

When most people in America are freezing and shoveling snow, we are going to the beach, strolling alongside the ocean or enjoying a coffee sitting outside at a sidewalk café. We might need a light sweater or jacket during the early morning or in the evenings but as the sun comes along to warm up the day, short sleeved t-shirts are the order of the day. Northerners might be wearing boots; we’re in flipflops or messing about on the beach in bare feet. There’s nothing quite like seeing your footprints in the sand…

You know that birds fly south for winter? Well,this is where they come – you’ll see them aplenty on Fort Lauderdale beach and throughout the city. And I don’t mean just the feathered variety. So many people visit during the cooler (comparatively) months and mostly, they are escaping from those chill northern winds and severe weather. There’s no better place.

That’s why there are more visitors on the beach at the moment than you’ll find in the summer months. You’ll see them jogging, playing sports, swimming in the ocean or simply relaxing in the sun. Those of us who live here might joke that it’s ‘cold’ and wear clothes we normally consign to the back of the closet, but believe me, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be.

As I write,it’s mid-morning. The sun is just delightful.I look from my window and see tropical foliage. Just a little earlier,I was listening to the parrots as they chattered their way across the blue sky. I just checked what the temperature is – it’s a lovely, comfortable seventy-three degrees.

A little later today, I’ll be going outside to the dock to eat lunch. I’ll watch the boats as they sail idly by, glistening in the sunshine. The boaters,almost always wearing just swimwear or bathing suits, will exchange a casual wave with me as I sit enjoying the sunshine. If you live locally, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you don’t and you’re bundled up in sweaters right now, then we’d love to see you here.

It might be Groundhog Day but we’ve no need for the meteorological little critters here – we know that summer is here all year round.

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