• Fashion, Health and Beauty

    So much choice on boulevard for fashion and beauty! Have you ever had a couple's
    chocolate massage? Well, now's your chance. Be beautiful, fit and healthy on
    Las Olas.

    Let's start at the top - we have so many salons specializing in fantastic hair care, many with unique products that you won't find elsewhere. Facials and skin care too. Manicures? No problem.

    What are you looking for today? We have it all. Grand ballgowns, figure-flattering swimwear, everything the best-dressed gentleman could require, funky boutiques, haute couture, colorful resort wear, vintage couture, formal attire, casual clothing ... even a boutique for those most important people - children.

    We have high-fashion stores for garments for that special occasion - and bargain rails where you can snap up a steal or two. You can even find vintage clothing in consignment stores. If you have a wedding in your future, look no further than the boulevard for kitting out the bride, the groom,the flower girls, the mothers-of and the entire wedding party. And of course, the boulevard can equip you from top to toe, be it custom leather shoes or flip flops - or a genuine Panama or a bargain straw sunhat.

    Don't forget our jewelry stores either - we have specialist stores and most of our boutiques sell accessories too. If your clothes need alterations or repair, you'll find several places to choose from.

    Relax and enjoy pedicures, massage treatments and every spa service you can imagine. If you want more action, join a Pilates class or a gym and get fully toned in beautiful surroundings. Early in the morning, so many joggers take advantage of the quieter hours and take their exercise along the boulevard.Where better?

    If you like to swim - and enjoy the sun - join the Pool Club at the Riverside Hotel, you don't have to be a guest there, and enjoy their river front pool facilities. Watch luxury yachts go by as you do your laps or bask in the Florida sunshine. Yes, you're in heaven!

  • Las Olas Boulevard

    Las Olas is often described as the jewel in Fort Lauderdale's crown, and rightly so. It's hard to imagine any other area that has so much to offer its visitors and local residents.

    Fabulous restaurants, fashion stores, galleries, spas ans salons - just about everything you need is right here on Las Olas.

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