• Art and Antiques

    Las Olas Boulevard is fascinating for those interested in the arts. Stores and galleries feature artworks and antiques from all over the world.

    Your taste may be for modern art - you may prefer styles from days gone by. It may be that you are looking for artworks from Europe or from the East. You may be interested in American military antiques. Whatever your choice, you'll find plenty of stores and galleries to explore on the boulevard.

    The boulevard has been famous for its art since the sixties, when The Fort Lauderdale Art Center started in a storefront. It later became the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale. In addition to its permanent exhibitions, exciting visiting exhibits are often to be seen. Antique buffs will love the Stranahan House. This historic home has been restored to its 1913 configuration with period furniture and accessories.

    The boulevard is also the home of the Las Olas Art Fairs which take place on several weekends during the year and also the recently reinstated art walk, which take place on the third Thursday of every month.

    If architecture is your interest, you'll find buildings by Edward Larabee Barnes, Francis Abreu, Wells Squier and even, tucked away in the neighborhood, Don Singer.

    Don't miss the public art along the boulevard - from kinetic elephant sculptures and the 'huge red armchair' to classical Italian murals.


    Las Olas is often described as the jewel in Fort Lauderdale's crown, and rightly so. It's hard to imagine any other area that has so much to offer its visitors and local residents.

    Fabulous restaurants, fashion stores, galleries, spas ans salons - just about everything you need is right here on Las Olas.

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